This is not Fed Ex or UPS!!!!

The companies we use specialize in dog hauling period!!

1 ton cargo vans are used with wire crates with raised wire floors are used and the pups have heat, air, and personal contact with feed and water the course of the trip. The companies run weekley routes and run most major US hwys or INTERSTATES::

The delivery time line is a rough sced.

Due to varies condition on the trip no one can be right on time. YOU may have to drive an hour or 2 to meet them at wee hours of the morning or late at night when they drive through your state.

IF you do not have a flexable sced this will not work well for you!!!!

This price is $250.00 to $300.00

I do meet in some places for a travel fee ask about this fee and the area I will agree to travel to.

We do offer WORLD WIDE air transport.

Keep in mind that International flights cost between $1000.00 usd to $2,000.00 usd. When thinking on purchasing and Importing from the USA.

Pet passports, International USDA vet documents, Rabies vaccine, Micro chip and sometimes Titer Testing. This is all very costly as well.

USA/CANADA shipping can be done.

FAA and TSA has rules that us breeders must go by when shipping live animals.


American Airlines will not fly live animals in temps 85 degrees or HOTTER.

When the temps are 85 degrees or hotter we must use DELTA or UNITED Airlines.

These 2 airlines cost more than American to use.

IF choosing United there is a travel fee of $75.00 to drive 300 miles to Tulsa International to ship your puppy.

If using DELTA  shipping "DELTA DASH  SERVICES" the flight cost is $450.00

With delta some times the pet will require day kenneling or over night kenneling to make plan connections this is an extra $150.00 fee to the airlines for this service.

I refuse to  air ship during ice storms/ blizzards or extream heat waves. If Hwys are slick and bad I will not drive to the airport but I will re-book the flight during better weather.

My safety and the puppies health comes first.