Winkley's Black and Tans is a product of one breeders love for old fashion type and old bloodlines. By fusing extremes, George Winkey had managed to create what some have called the ultimate collage of classically cutting edge of old fashion

His 1979 debut collection showed just a touch of his  old fashion ideas, giving hints to his preference for quality hounds and refined details. To date, his breeding has stretched its creativity and immense sense into a massive collection and impressive portfolio.

Gaining Attention
As breeding goes, every breeder and every kennel has their signature look or style. As well, there is the underlying tone that their style will gain in popularity. Winkley's Black and Tans is more than blessed in this realm as their pups are gaining the attention of some big name celebrities and a little love from some of the coonhounds  world's best known magazines.

Whether you prefer a classic old style look with a top color or lean more toward high energy , you'll find the collection from Winkley's Black and Tans more than appealing. Keep an eye out for the latest lines as new pups are always coming to the surface.